Ukraine offers its community of international students a supportive and cosmopolitan environment in which to learn, together with a uniquely free environment in which to live.

Ukraine is a small, outstandingly beautiful, safe and friendly country for international students that is why you will find in every university international students enjoying their academic and personal life

Any degree from Ukrainian University will give you a quality qualification, and as with all world education, you can be certain it will be recognised as world class. Each year, we welcome students from around 30 different countries to our universities.

Academic community is an extremely supportive and friendly one with the added advantage of superb facilities. Accommodation is guaranteed to all our preparatory, undergraduate,graduate and Postgraduate international students in one of our university hostels.

From your initial enquiry to application, from the pre-departure briefing to the orientation when you arrive, we take great care to make sure you have all the information and support you need to start your studies in Ukraine confidently. This includes advice on immigration procedures, travel, accommodation or any other information you might need.


Application | Processing Fee | Service Charge | Courier Fee: $375 =N220,000





  • 1. Copy of Passport (only the page(s) that shows your photo, personal details and signature)
  • 2. Copy of Secondary and Senior Secondary High School Result or Certificates | WAEC | NECO
  • 3. Copy of Bachelor Degree Certificate and Mark Sheet | Transcripts (applicable only for postgraduate applicants e.g. MBA).
  • 4. Copy of Recent Passport Photograph


  • 1. Tuition Fees | Accommodation Fees are paid when the applicant arrives in Ukraine
  • 2. Admission processing duration: 1-2 weeks
  • 3. Study Gaps Accepted & Every Month Intake


  • *Tuition Fee from $2500/year for Undergraduate (BSs.)
  • *Tuition Fee from $3000/year For Masters Degree (MSc.)
  • *Hostel Accommodation from $800/year
  • *Additional First Year Expenses : $1800 to $2000






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