North Cyprus is one of the most sought-after countries for higher education thanks to universities such as Near East University, Eastern Mediterranean University,Cyprus International University, e.t.c.

Universities in North Cyprus offer multiple Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and PHd programs for different courses.North Cyprus universities offer an international scene, with students from North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and Australia.

English is widely used in North Cyprus and you can survive without having to learn Turkish, but all universities offer free Turkish lessons.Tuition fees are affordable and living expenses moderate, especially in comparison to most of Europe. Tuition fees are dependent upon courses and the respective university.

Compared to other respected universities around Europe such as Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and the UK, tuition fees for studying in Cyprus are considerably more affordable.Semester tuition fees range from 700.00 to 3000.00 euros depending on the program of interest.

Large selection of specialties in universities, which will allow you to get the desired higher education. Cyprus is a safe tourist island, so there will be no problems with living here.


Application | Processing Fee |Service Charge:$175 (N100,000)




  • 1. Copy of completed Application for Admission Form.
  • 2. Copy of Passport (only the page(s) that shows your photo, personal details and signature)
  • 3. Copy of Secondary and Senior Secondary High School Result or Certificates | WAEC | NECO
  • 4. Copy of Bachelor Degree Certificate and Mark Sheet | Transcripts (applicable only for postgraduate applicants e.g. MBA).
  • 5. Copy of Recent Passport Photograph


  • *50% of Tuition Fees (€1000 or €1400 part payment of fee) is to be paid directly to the university, before visa application/arrival in Cyprus
  • *Admission processing duration: 2 – 7 working days
  • *50% scholarship guaranteed for all undergraduate applications & 25% or 50% or 75% scholarship available for postgraduate applications


  • *Tuition Fee from €3000/year for Undergraduate (BSs.)
  • *Tuition Fee from €2000/full program For Masters Degree (MSc.)
  • *Hostel Accommodation from €1000/year


  • -Near East Univeristy- NEU (North Cyprus)
  • -Eastern Mediterranean Univeristy – EMU (North Cyprus)
  • -Cyprus International University
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